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Serious Serious
Reported By: Brian Lewis
Reported On: 6/22/2015
For: Version 2.00 Build 1
# 4177 Elevate Web Builder 2 Installation Tries to Remove Existing Elevate Web Builder 1 Installation

About to install Elevate Web Builder - Version 2.00 Build 1 - (200b1ewb.exe) - but it states that 'Version 1.05 Build 4 of EWB is installed and needs to be removed....

Since version EWB1 files are cannot be used by EWB2 that means I cannot work with my EWB1 projects and shall not be able to manage/develop them.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/23/2015 in version 2.00 build 2

Products Affected Products Affected
Elevate Web Builder
Elevate Web Builder Modules
Elevate Web Builder Trial