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Serious Serious
Reported By: Larry Lustig
Reported On: 3/17/1998
For: Version 0.03 Build 1
# 43 Incorrect Transfer of dBase or FoxPro Numeric Fields in BDE Database Transfer Utility

I transferred some files using BDETRAN. Some fields that I had declared as NUMERIC 10,0 (that is a numeric with no decimal places) came across as FLOAT, not INTEGER. BDETRAN should transfer zero decimal numerical fields as some version of INTEGER depending on the length of the field.

Comments Comments and Workarounds
Problem is with the BDE promoting anything over 6 digits to a FLOAT type and passing this on to BDETRAN. We are looking into handling this instance specifically in BDETRAN to convert it to an integer.

Resolution Resolution
Scheduled for Future Release on in version 0.00 build 1