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Serious Serious
Reported By: Larry Lustig
Reported On: 3/26/1998
For: Version 0.04 Build 1
# 72 Database System Utility Building Primary Index On Wrong Fields

I transferred a DBF file to DBISAM. Wanting to use my ID field as the primary key rather than the generated RecordID field, I opened the file for restructuring in DBSYS. Thinking field order in the file might be important I first moved my ID field to the beginning of the
field list using the indicator column. Then I changed the Part of Primary Field marker to YES for my ID field (now field #1) and NO for RecordID, which was now field #2. I saved my changes and DBSYS restructured the file so that the primary key was built on field #14. This was the position the ID field had had before I moved it.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 3/27/1998 in version 0.05 build 1