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Serious Serious
Reported By: Wes Peterson
Reported On: 6/8/1998
For: Version 0.08 Build 1
# 115 Record Not Found Error After Refresh

Error 8710. I have two forms that use the same data table. One Displays records in a TDbGrid -- with just a few columns. On the grid form, the table is using an alpha index. The grid form allows Add, Edit and Delete for records in the table. Add and Edit invoke the second form. The table on the second form
uses its primary key (this is passed to the edit form after it's created and before it's shown.) If the value passed is zero, the form "knows" it's supposed to insert and display a new, empty record for editing -- with many more columns than on the grid. Edit invokes the same form for editing the record selected on the grid - this time passing the primary key value. After the edit form is closed (and freed), I do a Refresh on the grid's table (so any changes to fields displayed on the grid show up). This is where 8710 crops up.

Your help for Error 8710 directs me to Delphi's help on GotoCurrent. What I can't figure is where GotoCurrent comes in. I'm certainly not calling it. I'm guessing your engine invokes GotoCurrent -- perhaps when it disposes of the cursor for the 2nd instance of the table?

Anyway, the above scheme works with Jet. I imagine I have to change
my thinking?

Comments Comments
It seems we were being a little too stringent when resynching to a given bookmark in the DBISAM engine. The BDE does not issue an error return code if it is unable to position itself on a previously retrieved bookmark, whereas DBISAM was.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/8/1998 in version 0.09 build 1