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Serious Serious
Reported By: John Alexander
Reported On: 8/3/1998
For: Version 1.01 Build 1
# 186 In-Memory Transaction Logging Limitations Causing Random Errors

Have tried to import 22000 records, twice have received fatal error which states primary key already exists (auto incrementing field is the primary key)

Comments Comments and Workarounds
Problem was cause by having the Transactions In Memory option turned on. Workaround was to turn this option off. We are still investigating why there was a memory problem, data file was only approximately 3 megs in size after import and developer had 175 megs of memory on development machine.

Changed around the memory allocation in 1.08 to allocate from the global heap in large blocks, thus decreasing fragmentation and solving this problem.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 2/1/1999 in version 1.08 build 1