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Serious Serious
Reported By: Brian Feifarek
Reported On: 11/18/1998
For: Version 1.07 Build 1
# 246 Lack of Proper Amount of Disk Space Causing an Access Violation

One observation: I tried importing a couple of large Paradox tables and started getting AV's @ 0044C6E9, read of address FFFFFFFF. I couldn't figure out at first what was going on, but then tried to do some some other operations. Trying to delete a secondary index(it would be nice to have a button instead of having to guess Ctrl-Del) gave me a Cannot remove a secondary index Error 9218, and doing an Export gave me an I/O error 112. I didn't look this one up, but I knew that something outside of your product must be responsible, and sure enough, when I looked with Explorer I had clogged up my disk. Perhaps DBSYS could clue in a clueless person like me that this is what is going on? (Then again, maybe it isn't so obvious when theseoperations fail that it is lack of disk space...) [So that you don't lose any sleep over this, I managed to successfully carry out these operations when I did them on a disk with more space.]

Comments Comments and Workarounds
Could not reproduce the same inhouse, received the proper "Cannot write to" error.

Resolution Resolution
Could Not Reproduce Problem on in version 0.00 build 1