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Serious Serious
Reported By: Armindo Da Silva
Reported On: 4/5/1999
For: Version 1.13 Build 1
# 400 Size of the BLOB File Increases When Updating a Record Containing BLOB Fields

To explain this problem try the airline demo available at Elevate software Web site. just modify two things :

DBIMAGE1.readonly = False
Mainform.activecontrol = DBGIMAGE1

check the size of the blob file (airline.blb)

compile and launch airline.exe

for 10 or 15 records do this CTRL-C (copy the image from DBIMAGE1) , then CTRL-V (paste the image to DBIMAGE1), then click on the next button of the DBNavigator (to update the modified record and to go to the next one). Check the size of the blob file (airline.blb) again and you will see that now it's bigger than the first one, but the table content is the same one. Now if you restructure the table, the size will be equal to the first one. I've got a application that use many acces to blobstream (read and write), before launching it the blob file is 300 Ko and after leaving it it's 18Mo.......

Comments Comments
Problem was related to some repair checking code introduced into 1.13 that checks for recursive BLOB pointers. This bug was causing BLOB blocks to not be re-used properly. If you are experiencing this problem you should restructure the table and change the BLOB block size, and then proceed to restructure the table and change the BLOB block size back to its original desired size. This will compress the BLOB file back to its normal size. Please be sure to do this process with the 1.14 version of DBISAM.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/15/1999 in version 1.14 build 1