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Serious Serious
Reported By: Deven Hickingbotham
Reported On: 9/22/1999
For: Version 1.16 Build 1
# 466 #9217 Read Error Present When Using Rubicon

I'm getting a 9217 error on a GotoKey operation on a freshly built table. To recreate the problem, install Rubicon 2.05 or greater, recompile the DBISAM driver packages with 1.16 (rb20d30r.dpk and rb20d30d.dpk, see \rubicon2\doc\faq.htm for complete recompiling instructions), then in \rubicon2\examples\dbisam run:


When you try to perform a search, the error is raised.

Comments Comments
The problem was caused by the read-ahead buffering on data files opened exclusively. Certain sequences of operations would trigger this error - in the case of Rubicon it was adding a secondary index and then adding another record after the index was added.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 9/24/1999 in version 1.17 build 1