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Serious Serious
Reported By: Serge Chelli
Reported On: 6/8/2001
For: Version 2.10 Build 1
# 805 Using a Const=Const Expression Combined with OR Operator in SQL WHERE Clause Causes Incorrect Result

Create a table named SECTEUR.DAT with the following structure and contents. Using the following query should produce all records because "T"="T", even if there is no loc="T". The problem is that the result contains no records.


code : string[2] primary index
lib : string[25]
loc : string[1]
No other indexes
Put in that table this data:
code lib                       loc
---- ------------------------- -
75   PARIS                     F
94   VDM                       F    
US   USA                       E
BE   BELGIQUE                  C

The query:

select *
from secteur
where (loc="T") or ("T"="T")

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/15/2001 in version 2.11 build 1