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Serious Serious
Reported By: Bruce Vander Werf
Reported On: 7/9/2001
For: Version 2.10 Build 1
# 814 Changing Field Names or Descriptions and Adding or Removing Indexes Causes RestructureTable Problem

I have several tables where I would like to change some field names and add descriptions to all fields. I am using the following code for each field. This is followed by code that completely rebuilds RestructureIndexDefs and then calls RestructureTable.

What I am seeing are the changes to the version and the index structure, but I am not seeing any field changes. The only exception is in one table where I also actually deleted a field. In that table, I saw all the field changes made with the code above.

if (RestructureFieldDefs.IndexOf (fieldname) <> -1) then
     RFD := RestructureFieldDefs.Find (fieldname) ;
     RFD.Name := newname;
     RFD.Description := newdesc;

Comments Comments
The RestructureTable method was not properly updating field definitions when only indexes were modified.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 7/9/2001 in version 2.11 build 1