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Serious Serious
Reported By: Micro Wang
Reported On: 3/30/2002
For: Version 3.08 Build 1
# 1081 Using Parameter Values on Right Side of SQL UPDATE Value Assignment Causes Type Mismatch

I've got one BCD field. When I run the following SQL I get 'DBISAM Engine Error# 11949 SQL Error: Type mismatch between Column 'Quantity' and Constant '?' in update values'.

Here is the SQL:
SET [Quantity]=[Quantity]+:Value
WHERE [ItemCode]:=PartNo
In the unit I wrote:

ParamByName('Value').AsCurrency:=Value;  (Value is Currency type)

Comments Comments
Problem was caused by engine not allowing for unknown types (parameters, which are only known at execution time) in certain expressions during the preparation of the query.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/4/2002 in version 3.09 build 1