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Serious Serious
Reported By: Ralf Mimoun
Reported On: 8/21/2002
For: Version 3.14 Build 1
# 1188 Using LASTAUTOINC() Function in SQL SELECT WHERE Clause Causes AV

I just tried the following statement. Table1 and Table2 can be the same. I get an access error when executing the
query. Same with UPDATE Table. Using START TRANSACTION does not help. It seems to me that the LASTAUTOINC function is broken.


Comments Comments and Workarounds
LASTAUTOINC() and IDENT_CURRENT() functions are only intended to be used in the SELECT column list or the values list for INSERT or UPDATE statements. The engine now issues an error when trying to use these functions in a WHERE clause.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 8/29/2002 in version 3.15 build 1