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Serious Serious
Reported By: Rick Hillier
Reported On: 9/11/2002
For: Version 3.16 Build 1
# 1203 Database Name Already Exists Error When Opening Up More Than One Component with Same DatabaseName

Normally, in using the dbisamtable component, I set the "DatabaseName" property to a known folder on my development system so that I can open my tables and test the form appropriately. When I am finished working on the form, I leave the databasename property as is and close the table on the form. This is convenient in case I need to revisit the form.

At run time, the data could exist in any folder that I allow my users to define. When the form is created, I set the DatabaseName property appropriately, and then open the necessary tables.

In 3.10, this worked fine. Now, I get an exception indicating that the DatabaseName property is already set.


Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 9/12/2002 in version 3.17 build 1