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Serious Serious
Reported By: Olav Kraschinski
Reported On: 10/15/2002
For: Version 3.18 Build 1
# 1248 Problem Using ExportTable Method in Delphi 7 When Exporting Time Fields

With Delphi 7 I can't use the table export functionality (DBSys) when the table's field type is Time. Result is a ConvertErrror in ConvertDateTimeToFormat.

In Delphi7 the TimeStampToDateTime() function was changed. Date must be > 0, Time >= 0.

Comments Comments
Exactly as described and DBISAM was setting the Date record structure member of the TTimestamp type to 0, which Delphi 7 does not allow now.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/15/2002 in version 3.19 build 1