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Serious Serious
Reported By: Ralf Bieber
Reported On: 10/22/2002
For: Version 3.19 Build 1
# 1251 Deleting Records From a Table with Full Text Indexing Enabled for Some Fields Causes #8965 Error

I think this version have a bug.

Base: Tables with memo fields and/or full text indexing

Symptom: Error is #8965 appearing in C/S and desktop

When: During deleting records

I have test it with several tables. All are building this error. If the table size is greater, then the error comes after deleting some records. You can test it with DBSys, Version 3.19.

The version 3.17 works correct .


SQL: delete from Mytable


Code:  Mytable.First
          while not Mytable.eof do


In the DBGrid component, during deleting one after the other record.

Comments Comments
The problem was caused by the engine not ignoring stop words when trying to remove them from the full text index.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 11/4/2002 in version 3.20 build 1