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Serious Serious
Reported By: Miguel Angel Gavidia
Reported On: 10/15/2002
For: Version 3.19 Build 1
# 1276 Certain SQL Join Conditions Can Cause an Internal Join Error

I have many forms and many sql and all work very well but only in one I have this error:

DBISAM Engine error #11949 SQL Error - Internal join error- table correlation name "DESCRIBE" is target of multiple join conditions in WHERE or JOIN clause

Select Vale_C.No_Vale, Vale_C.Cveven, Vale_D.CantidadV, 
Vale_D.Renglon, Vale_D.Renglon2, Describe.DescribeAr
From Vale_C Vale_C
Left Outer Join Vale_D Vale_D on (Vale_D.No_Vale = Vale_C.No_Vale)
Left Outer Join DESCRIBE DESCRIBE on (DESCRIBE.Renglon = 
Vale_D.Renglon2) and (DESCRIBE.Tipo='V' ) and (TRIM(BOTH " " FROM 
DESCRIBE.Cve_Opren)=CAST(Vale_C.Cveven AS CHAR(6)))

Comments Comments and Workarounds
This is due to be fixed in version 4. The problem is related to join conditions that are described in a circular fashion.

Resolution Resolution
Scheduled for Future Release on in version 0.00 build 1