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Serious Serious
Reported By: Clive Bennett
Reported On: 11/18/2003
For: Version 4.00 Build 1
# 1480 Performance of In-Memory Tables in Version 4.x Not On-Par with Version 3.x

I have changed my SQL to now use V4, my process used to take 2.7 seconds to run it now takes over 8 seconds, There are loads of small SQL statements, so cant really point the finger at one in particular

The only change I have made between 3.26 and 4.00 is to replace double quotes with single on strings and replace the use of the memory table keyword, I thought that performance would have been the same.

Comments Comments
We tested this directly against V4 with inserts (which are the most expensive for in-memory tables), and could not find any significant difference. However, 4.01 does improve the allocation in in-memory tables so that it is more efficient. But, again, the difference between this new allocation and version 3.x is minimal.

UPDATE: We found the problem and it had nothing to do with in-memory tables, rather it was a flush to disk issue. Version 4 was flushing UPDATE and DELETE statements to disk after their completion, which was different from version 3 and not required. This has now been changed as of 4.02 to be compatible with version 3.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 1/17/2004 in version 4.02 build 1