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Serious Serious
Reported By: Trevor Davis
Reported On: 3/2/2004
For: Version 4.04 Build 1
# 1608 Locate Not Working Properly with Filter and Certain Active Indexes Set

I've found a couple of problems: either bugs in v4.04 or with our data. I'm not sure. These 2 problems don't happen when I test with our Sample Data database, but do with our live data. I've tried repair, verify, import the data onto a fresh database but still have these problems.

These work in Paradox, DBISAM 2, 3, Advantage, but happen in DBISAM 4.04 ...with our live data, but not our sample data.

With BS/1 Professional, display time sheets (filtered list, expression filter), enter a new time sheet (separate form with separate TTable). New time sheet doesn't show on the list, need to choose refresh. - If remove the filter, new time sheets do show on the list, don't need to refresh.

FYI, the mechanism that causes the new time sheet to be added to the list is "Locate". When the OK button is pressed on the Time Sheet form, it does a locate against the list TTable, which causes the new record to be added to the list and this to be the current record.

The other problem, possibly related:

With BS/1 Professional, entering a new time sheet, there is a TDBLookupCombobox which connects to a filtered TTable tblTask, which shows tasks for the selected job (expression filter).

If the combobox is dropped, you can see the tasks for the selected job, but if you click on one, the list closes and nothing is selected. (The TField OnChange event does see the selected Task).

There is an index set, so that the tasks display in sequence. If the index is removed it works OK.

Also if the filter is removed, it works OK.

But with the filter and index, the problem happens... and only with our live data, not the sample data.

Comments Comments
The problem was caused by the way the filter was being refreshed during the change detection in the Locate. The active index was messing with the filter processing.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 3/3/2004 in version 4.05 build 1