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Reported By: David Strange
Reported On: 10/11/2004
For: Version 4.12 Build 1
# 1866 GUID Parameters Not Working

I'm building a report in FastReports in which I need a particular master detail relationship. I want to use queries for the datasets and
as such I've set up the following. When I activate the master query at runtime all is well. When I try and activate the detail query I get this message "DetailQuery: Field 'ProjectNum' is of an unsupported type.'

select * from ProjectCabinetDB
where ProjectNum = '{05D9F24F-C7DC-40AF-AEFB-F5929A541D40}'
order by CabinetRefNum

DetailQuery.DataSource = MasterDatasource

select * 
from ProjectCabinetPartDB P
where P.ProjectNum = :ProjectNum
and P.CabinetNum = :ProjectCabinetID
order by P.PartName

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/13/2004 in version 4.13 build 1