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Minor Minor
Reported By: Eddie
Reported On: 1/3/2005
For: Version 4.15 Build 1
# 1934 Turkish LowerCase "i" Not Being Upper-Cased Correctly in Tables

I am writing in Turkish Language that we have specific characters different than "ansi" characters. I have set up the Dbisam table "character" set to Turkish language and "uppercase" with alterations. Table is working fine when I type any Turkish character in it excepts and displays fine. My problem is when user types lovercase then after post function. If user types normal " i " in lovercase then converting to " I " which is " ansi I"instead of Turkish " I "If user types lovercase " i " then coversion leaves the character as it is because there is no such uppercase character in ansi but Turkish character set.

Comments Comments
The problem was with the Windows LCMapString API function call. Microsoft now has a LCMAP_LINGUISTIC_CASING option that we are using to allow for proper upper-casing of the lowercase i for the Turkish language.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 1/3/2005 in version 4.16 build 1