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Reported By: Grzegorz Rewucki
Reported On: 1/17/2005
For: Version 4.16 Build 1
# 1946 Functions Cannot Be Used as Only Condition in SQL Joins

have problem with SQL joins based on full text indexes. I need to select all contacts containing specified GUID in Contacts.BizonSearch field and for each found contact select post containing ContactGUID in Post.BizonSearch:

The following query generates 11949 SQL parsing error.

select C.DisplayName, P.PostInSign from Contacts C
inner join PostIn P on TextSearch('R'+C.ContactGUID, P.BizonSearch)
where TextSearch('{420C4890-CC04-46E6-9070-5A930F33BEAD}',C.BizonSearch)

Comments Comments
This issue applied to using any function with parameters that represent the join as the sole join condition.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 1/18/2005 in version 4.17 build 1