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Reported By: Eduardo Helminsky
Reported On: 1/26/2005
For: Version 4.16 Build 1
# 1950 RepairTable Does Not Correct Invalid Record Count on First Pass When Index Corruption Detected

I repair a table with corrupted indexes and everything works ok. But what I've noted is that duplicated records disapear, as expected, but recordcount remains the same. I've used DBSys to process the repair

Before Repair with ForceIndexRebuild
49500 Records
3 records duplicated
RecordCount 49500

After Repair with ForceIndexRebuild
49497 Records
no duplicated records
RecordCount 49500

Comments Comments and Workarounds
The workaround is to run RepairTable again, which will fix the record count issue on the second run.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 1/26/2005 in version 4.17 build 1