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Reported By: Robert Gesswein
Reported On: 3/2/2005
For: Version 4.17 Build 1
# 1990 Trying to Use a Memo Parameter with a BLOB Column Causes Error

I've got a parameterized TDBISAMQuery that I'm using as an update. The SQL is like the following, where COMMENTS is a BLOB field.

I keep getting the following error message:

DBISAM Engine Error # 11949 SQL parsing error - Expected NULL, Graphic, or BLOB expression but instead found ? in INSERT SQL statement at line ...

I've tried manually clearing the field with FieldByName('COMMENTS').Clear; and setting the field with FieldByName('COMMENTS').asString := 'HELLO'; in the OnNewRecord event without any success.

insert into SHOW

Comments Comments and Workarounds
The problem was that the Comments parameter was set as an ftMemo data type and the column was actually a plain BLOB data type. However, this should have worked anyways.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 3/2/2005 in version 4.18 build 1