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Serious Serious
Reported By: Rob Frye
Reported On: 11/30/2010
For: Version 4.29 Build 4
# 3396 Read-Only ODBC Driver Not Exhibiting Read-Only Behavior

I was just testing out the DBISAM 4 ODBC Driver (Read-Only) - Version 4.29 Build 4 and it is allowing me to edit tables. As well, if I go into Configure Data Source through ODBC Data Source Administrator there is a 'Read-Only' option that can be toggled.

The About box within the Configure Data Source shows that it is 'DBISAM 4 ODBC Driver (Read-Only)' and if I check the properties of the dbodbc.dll file it shows DBISAM 4 ODBC Driver (Read-Only).

Originally the full driver was installed using your setup. I uninstalled it and then used my own setup to install just the read-only driver. I have searched my system and there is only the one dbodbc.dll file. As well, I have rebooted a number of times.

Comments Comments
There was an issue in how the read-only information was being read by the driver.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 3/12/2011 in version 4.30 build 3

Products Affected Products Affected
DBISAM ODBC Client-Server
DBISAM ODBC Client-Server with Source
DBISAM ODBC Standard with Source