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Serious Serious
Reported By: Huseyin Aliz
Reported On: 3/31/2018
For: Version 2.06 Build 11
# 4637 DataSets Not Handling Daylight Savings Time Properly for Date/Times in the Past

I still have a problem similar to the problem I had last time we changed from summer to winter time, and the dates showed wrong for 1 day and got fixed next day, now after change to summertime from winter time it will not display correct and will not get fixed. All my datasets in app and webserver have "LocalizeDateTimeColumn" set to True.

The application shows data from 01.01.2018 which in table data are from 02.01.2018 so there is 1 day difference.

Comments Comments
The issue was with the internal localization of the dates/times in the EWB Web Server and in the TEWBDataSetAdapter component. Daylight savings time adjustments were being applied to dates/times in the past, but based upon the current daylight savings time (if in effect).

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/2/2018 in version 2.06 build 12

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