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Serious Serious
Reported By: Mark Brooks
Reported On: 10/1/2018
For: Version 2.06 Build 18
# 4701 Using External Fonts Can Cause AutoSizing Issues During Loading/Initial Display of Application

I have a suite of apps that all use Open Sans as an external font. I have a recurring issue whereby sometimes (in fact more recently most times) an EWB label using Autosize does not size correctly at runtime. I have attached an example for you to see where the labels are clipped by height and by width. In some cases it is possible to rectify by refreshing the app a few times, but certainly not always.

I have tested in Windows and macOS with a range of browsers and the issue is still there. If I were a gambling man, it almost seems as if the label is sizing itself based on the "default" EWB label font, rather than the external one that's been selected.

Comments Comments
The compiler's HTML emitter now includes link tags with the preload attribute for all external fonts included with projects so that they are loaded before the application's UI is rendered.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/20/2018 in version 2.06 build 19

Products Affected Products Affected
Elevate Web Builder
Elevate Web Builder Trial