Icon OnRemoteLogin Event

property OnRemoteLogin: TLoginEvent


The OnRemoteLogin event is fired when the session connects to a database server and the RemoteUser and RemotePassword properties have not been assigned or have been assigned but are not valid for the database server. You can specify the user name and password via the UserName and Password parameters. The Continue parameter indicates whether the connection process should continue or whether the session should stop trying to connect to the database server.

Information Any version of DBISAM for Delphi 6 or higher (including C++Builder 6 and higher as well as Kylix 2 and higher) requires that you include the DBLogDlg unit to your uses clause in order to enable the display of a default remote login dialog. This is done to allow for DBISAM to be included in applications without linking in the forms support, which can add a lot of unnecessary overhead and also cause unwanted references to user interface libraries. This is not required for Delphi 5 or C++Builder 5, but these versions always include forms support.