Icon OnRemoteReconnect Event

property OnRemoteReconnect: TReconnectEvent


The OnRemoteReconnect event is fired when a remote session tries to send a request to the database server and cannot because the connection to the database server has been broken. This is usually due to network issues or the remote session being disconnected by the database server because the connection timeout setting configured for the database server has been exceeded. In such a case the remote session would normally attempt an automatic reconnection. However, attaching an event handler to this event intercepts this reconnection process and allows the application to choose to skip the automatic reconnection by setting the Continue parameter to False (the default value is True). This can be useful in situations where the application knows that the network is down or there is a configuration issue that would prevent the remote session from reconnecting successfully. The application can also set the StopAsking parameter to True to tell DBISAM that it should stop firing this event from now until the connection is finally terminated. This avoids a lot of calls to the event handler as tables and databases are closed and each of them try to send requests to the database server.