Icon OnDataLost Event

property OnDataLost: TDataLostEvent


The OnDataLost event is fired when using the AlterTable or AddIndexmethod and a change in the structure of the table has caused data to be lost or the addition of a unique index has caused a key violation.

The Cause parameter allows you to determine the cause of the data loss.

The ContextInfo parameter allows you to determine the exact field, index, or table name that is causing or involved in the loss of data.

The Continue parameter allows you to abort the table structure alteration of index addition process and return the table to it's original state with all of the data intact.

The StopAsking parameter allows you to tell DBISAM to stop reporting data loss problems and simply complete the operation.

Information You may set the Continue parameter to True several times and at a later time set the Continue parameter to False and still have the table retain its original content and structure.