Icon Backup Method

function Backup(const BackupName: String; const
      BackupDescription: String; Compression: Byte; BackupTables:
      TStrings): Boolean


Call the Backup method to backup all tables specified by the BackupTables parameter into the backup file specified by the BackupName parameter. You can specify a description for the backup with the BackupDescription parameter. The Compression parameter is specified as a Byte value between 0 and 9, with the default being 0, or none, and 6 being the best selection for size/speed. The default compression is ZLib, but can be replaced by using the TDBISAMEngine events for specifying a different type of compression. Please see the Compression and Customizing the Engine topics for more information.

The Backup method cannot be run when a transaction is currently active for the database. You can inspect the InTransaction property to determine if a transaction is currently active for the database. When the backup executes, it obtains a read lock for the entire database that prevents any sessions from performing any writes to any of the tables in the database until the backup completes.

Information The BackupName parameter can contain a full path and file name, however when calling this method from within a remote session for a remote database you must make sure that the path is relative to the database server, not the client workstation. The best solution is to run the backup from a scheduled event on the server. Please see the Customizing the Engine topic for more information.