Icon GetServerEvent Method

procedure GetServerEvent(const EventName: String; var
      EventDescription: String; var EventRunType: TEventRunType; var
      EventStartDate: TDateTime; var EventEndDate: TDateTime; var
      EventStartTime: TDateTime; var EventEndTime: TDateTime; var
      EventInterval: Word; var EventDays: TEventDays; var
      EventDayOfMonth: TEventDayOfMonth; var EventDayOfWeek:
      TEventDayOfWeek; var EventMonths: TEventMonths; var
      EventLastRun: TDateTime)


Call the GetServerEvent method to retrieve information about an existing scheduled event from a database server. Use the EventName parameter to specify the existing event name. Please see the AddServerEvent method for more information on the parameters returned from this method. The EventLastRun parameter specifies the last date and time that the event was successfully run.

Information This method is only valid when the engine is running as a database server and the EngineType is set to etServer.