Icon ModifyServerConfig Method

procedure ModifyServerConfig(DenyLogins: Boolean;
      MaxConnections: Word; ConnectTimeout: Word; DeadSessionInterval:
      Word; DeadSessionExpires: Word; MaxDeadSessions: Word; const
      TempDirectory: String; AuthorizedAddresses: TStrings;
      BlockedAddresses: TStrings)


Call the ModifyServerConfig method to modify the current configuration settings for a database server. The DenyLogins parameter indicates whether any new logins are denied on the database server. The MaxConnections parameter indicates the maximum allowable number of connected sessions (not total sessions) on the database server. The ConnectTimeout parameter indicates how long a session is allowed to remain idle before the session is disconnected automatically by the database server. The DeadSessionInterval parameter indicates how often the database server should check for dead sessions (sessions that have been disconnected for DeadSessionExpires seconds). The DeadSessionExpires parameter indicates when a disconnected session is considered "dead" based upon the number of seconds since it was last connected. Specifying 0 for this parameter will cause the database server to never consider disconnected sessions as dead and instead will keep them around based upon the MaxDeadSessions parameter alone. The MaxDeadSessions parameter indicates how many dead sessions are allowed on the database server before the database server will start removing dead sessions in oldest-first order. The TempDirectory parameter indicates where temporary tables are stored relative to the database server. This setting is global for all users. The AuthorizedAddresses and BlockedAddresses parameters are lists of IP addresses that specify which IP addresses are allowed or blocked from accessing the database server. Both of these accept the use of a leading * wildcard when specifying IP addresses.

Information This method is only valid when the engine is running as a database server and the EngineType is set to etServer.