Icon GetRemoteConfig Method

procedure GetRemoteConfig(var DenyLogins: Boolean; var
      MaxConnections: Word; var ConnectTimeout: Word; var
      DeadSessionInterval: Word; var DeadSessionExpires: Word; var
      MaxDeadSessions: Word; var TempDirectory: String;
      AuthorizedAddresses: TStrings; BlockedAddresses: TStrings)


Call the GetRemoteConfig method to retrieve the current configuration settings for a database server. Please see the ModifyRemoteConfig method for more information on the parameters returned from this method.

Information This method is only valid for encrypted remote sessions connected as an administrator to the administration port on a database server. Also, if the maximum number of connections returned via this method is lower than what was attempted to be configured via the ModifyRemoteConfig method, the ServerLicensedConnections property has caused it to be lowered.