Icon RemoveAllRemoteMemoryTables Method

procedure RemoveAllRemoteMemoryTables


Call the RemoveAllRemoteMemoryTables method to delete all in-memory tables residing on the database server for the current client workstation. DBISAM uses the current computer name (Windows) or terminal ID (Linux) along with the current process ID to isolate in-memory tables between various client processes. This method can be called after a process on a client workstation terminates improperly and leaves in-memory tables on the database server that need to be removed.

Information This method will attempt to delete all in-memory tables for a given client workstation. It is not specific to a client process, so do not call this method if you have multiple processes running on the same client workstation unless you are prepared to possibly have one process delete another process's in-memory tables. However, any failure to delete an in-memory table because it is in use, etc. is ignored by this method and is not raised as an exception.