Icon OptimizeTable Method

procedure OptimizeTable(const OptimizeIndexName: String='';
      SuppressBackups: Boolean=False)


Call the OptimizeTable method to optimize the physical organization of a table according to a specified index, and permanently remove any free space from the table. Use the OptimizeIndexName parameter to specify what index should be used to physically reorder the records in the table. Use the SuppressBackups parameter to suppress the creation of backup files for the physical files that make up a table on disk. The backup files are created in the same physical location as the source table being optimized. The table must be closed when executing this method.

Information Under normal circumstances you should specify the primary index (blank string "") as the index to use for reorganization of the physical records on disk since this is the order most commonly used for SQL joins and the default display of data. Reorganizing the data in this manner will improve read-ahead buffering in DBISAM, thus improving overall performance of SQL and navigation using the index specified for the optimization.