Icon Create Method

constructor Create(ADateTimeFormat: TDateTimeFormat=dtfRaw;
      AIndentSpaces: Integer=3; AIncludeLineFeeds: Boolean=True;
      ACompressWhitespace: Boolean=False)

Available In: Client and Server Applications

Use this method to create a new instance of the TWriter class. The optional ADateTimeFormat parameter indicates whether date and time values should be output as an ISO 8601 date and time string value, or as a raw Unix date and time integer value (the number of milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970). The optional AIndentSpaces parameter indicates how many spaces to use for indentation in the output, the optional AIncludeLineFeeds parameter indicates whether to include line feeds (CRLF) in the output, and the optional ACompressWhitespace parameter indicates whether any whitespace should be compressed (removed) from the output.