Icon LocalReadSize Property

property LocalReadSize: Integer


Use the LocalReadSize property to specify how many records should be read at once whenever a local session needs to read records from disk. This property is most useful when performing a sequential navigation of a large table or query result set in a network sharing environment. However, you should be careful to not set this property to too high of a value since doing so can result in excessive memory consumption and network traffic. This is especially true when the access to the table or query result set is mostly random and not sequential.

The actual number of records read is dependent upon the value of this property combined with an internal intelligent read-ahead calculation performed by the engine, with the greater of the two values being used. This means that if you increase this value from the default value of 1, then you may be causing the engine to read more records than it normally would. Therefore, it is important that you also increase the record buffering settings of the engine to avoid forcing the engine to spend excessive amounts of time ejecting records from the cache. You can do so by modifying these properties in the TDBISAMEngine component:


Information This property is only used in the context of the descendant TDBISAMTable and TDBISAMQuery components.