Icon KeepTablesOpen Property

property KeepTablesOpen: Boolean


Use the KeepTablesOpen property to specify that any tables opened for shared (non-exclusive) use are kept open internally in DBISAM, even though they have been closed by the application. These tables are kept open internally until the TDBISAMDatabase component is disconnected and the Active property is False. This can result in significant performance improvements in situations where DBISAM must open and close the same set of tables frequently, such as with large SQL scripts.

However, use this property very carefully since it can cause access problems that are hard to diagnose. For example, you may try to alter the structure of a table that is internally still open in DBISAM and the resulting DBISAM_OSEACCES error message issued by DBISAM could be very confusing. In situations like this, disconnecting the TDBISAMDatabase component will solve the problem.

Information Attempting to set this property when the Connected property of the TDBISAMDatabase component is True will result in an exception being raised.