Icon Temporary Property

property Temporary: Boolean

The Temporary property indicates whether a TDBISAMDatabase component is temporary and created by DBISAM as needed, or persistent and explicitly created, managed, and freed within the application. A temporary TDBISAMDatabase component is created when a dataset is opened and the dataset is not already linked with an existing TDBISAMDatabase component via its DatabaseName property. If Temporary remains True, then a temporary TDBISAMDatabase component is freed when the dataset is closed. An application can prevent the destruction of a temporary TDBISAMDatabase component by setting Temporary to False while the dataset is active, but the application is then responsible for closing the TDBISAMDatabase component when it is no longer needed.

Information A "dataset" is either a TDBISAMTable or TDBISAMQuery component, both of which descend from the TDBISAMDBDataSet component.