Icon RemoteTimeout Property

property RemoteTimeout: Word


Use the RemoteTimeout property to specify the amount of time, in seconds, that a remote session should wait for a response from a database server before firing the OnRemoteTimeout event. If the OnRemoteTimeout event is assigned an event handler, then the event handler can decide whether to disconnect the session or not. If the OnRemoteTimeout event is not assigned an event handler, then DBISAM will disconnect the session. This property only applies to remote sessions where the SessionType property is set to stRemote.

Information Just because the session disconnects its side of the connection with the server does not necessarily mean that the server knows the session is disconnected or immediately treats the session as a "dead" session. The server may just simply be executing a very long process and has not sent a progress message in a longer period of time than what is configured for the RemoteTimeout property. Please see the DBISAM Architecture topic for more information on the meaning of "dead" sessions on a database server.