Icon KeyFieldCount Property

property KeyFieldCount: Integer


Use the KeyFieldCount property to limit a search on the active multi-field index to a consecutive sub-set (left to right) of those fields. For example, if the active index for a table consists of three fields, a partial-key search can be conducted using only the first field in the index by setting KeyFieldCount to 1. If the KeyFieldCount property is 0, the table searches on all fields in the index. The active index for a table is specified via the IndexName or IndexFieldNames property.

Information Searches are only conducted based on consecutive key fields beginning with the first field in the key. For example if an index consists of three fields, an application can set the KeyFieldCount property to 1 to search on the first field, 2 to search on the first and second fields, or 3 to search on all fields. By default KeyFieldCount is initially set to include all fields in a search.