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Removed Operators
The following are the operators that have been removed:


Operator Changes
The following are the changes to the operators:

NULL ValuesNULL constants can no longer be compared using the =, <>, >=, <=, >, <, BETWEEN, or IN operators. You must use the IS NULL and IS NOT NULL operators instead. Furthermore, none of the operators will result in a TRUE value if either side of the operator contains a NULL value. Please see the NULLs topic for more information.
DBISAM supported using the UPPER() or LOWER() function around a column reference and a string constant involved in a binary operator in order to force a case-insensitive comparison, and to allow the query optimizer to use a case-insensitive index to optimize the operation. This is no longer necessary in ElevateDB. Instead, you can simply use the COLLATE clause after the column reference to force the column to use a case-insensitive collation. Please see the Internationalization and Optimizer topics for more information.
Date, Time, and
Timestamp Values
Subracting date, time, and timestamp values now results in an interval type, depending upon the type of the values being subtracted. Please see the Interval Types topic for more information.

New Operators
The following are the new operators:

These operators are used to implement a text search using a text index. If no text index exists on the column being searched, then these operators will always result in a FALSE value.