Icon EDBDataReader Class

The EDBDataReader class implements the DbDataReader abstract class, providing an encapsulation of a data reader object for enumerating the result set of an EDBCommand instance.

Information In addition to the normal Get* methods that use column indexes to retrieve column data, there are also matching Get* methods that accept a column name instead of a column index. The only difference in the method parameters for these methods is the first parameter, which is a String instead of an Int32.

Namespace: Elevate.ElevateDB.Data

Inherits From System.Data.Common.DbDataReader


(<No Parameters>)
(Command: EDBCommand; CommandBehavior: System.Data.CommandBehavior)

RowReadSize: IntegerUse this property to specify how many rows should be read from an ElevateDB Server at one time when the current result set is navigated.

RefreshRefreshes the current result set. This is useful when the result set is sensitive, as indicated by the EDBCommand Sensitive property
GetBytes(Index: Int32; DestStream: Stream): Int64

GetBytes(Index: Int32; const DestFileName: String): Int64
These methods retrieve the contents of a CHAR/VARCHAR, BYTES/VARBYTES, CLOB, or BLOB column into a destination stream or file. The return value is the number of bytes read from the column.
GetImage(Index: Int32): BitmapThis method retrieves the contents of a BLOB column into a new Bitmap instance.