Icon EDBTraceEventArgs Class

The EDBTraceEventArgs class is used to instantiate the parameters for the EDBTraceEvent delegate.

Namespace: Elevate.ElevateDB.Data

Inherits From System.EventArgs

DateTime: DateTimeIndicates the date and time of the request/response.
ElapsedTime: UInt32Indicates the total elapsed time in milliseconds for the request/response.
Compression: Int32Indicates the current compression level for the request/response. This value normally ranges from 0 (no compression) to 9 (best compression), but in some cases may actually appear in the trace record as values greater than or equal to 10. In these cases, the compression has been adjusted by the engine due to the size of the data being too small (less than 1024 bytes). The adjusted compression level can be found by doing this calculation:

Compression mod 10

And the original compression level before the adjustment can be found by using the following calculation:

Compression div 10

Any adjustments to the compression such as this are active for the current request/response only and do not persist any further.
FunctionCode: Int32Indicates the function ID of the request.
FunctionName: StringIndicates the function name of the request.
ResultCode: Int32Indicates the result code of the request/response. If this value is -1, then the trace record represents a request. Any 0 or higher value indicates that the trace record is a response. You can use this field to determine whether the trace record is for a request (-1) or a response (0 or higher).
Size: Int32Indicates the request/response size, in bytes.