Drops an existing index from a given table.

DROP INDEX <Name> FROM <TableName>|<ViewName>

Use this statement to drop an index or text index from a table or non-updateable view.

The NO BACKUP FILES clause is optional. Unless this clause is specified, ElevateDB will create backup files (*.old) of any physical table files that were altered during the execution of the statement. Also, this clause does not apply to physical backup files created for the database catalog, which are always created and retained.

As of ElevateDB 2.21, you can now index non-updateable views. Non-updateable views are views that generate a static, insensitive result set.

Warning Dropping an index from a table can affect the performance of DML statements that refer to the table columns defined for the index in JOIN or WHERE clauses.

-- The following statement drops the Name index.

DROP INDEX "Name" FROM "Customer"

Required Privileges
The current user must be granted the DROP privilege on the specified table in order to execute this statement. Please see the User Security topic for more information.

SQL 2003 Standard Deviations
This statement deviates from the SQL 2003 standard in the following ways:

ExtensionThis SQL statement is an ElevateDB extension.