Icon Information Schema

The tables that make up the Information schema for each database are as follows:

Tables Table
TablePrivileges Table
TableColumns Table
TemporaryTables Table
Constraints Table
ConstraintColumns Table
Indexes Table
IndexColumns Table
Triggers Table
TriggerColumns Table
Views Table
ViewPrivileges Table
ViewColumns Table
TemporaryViews Table
Procedures Table
ProcedurePrivileges Table
ProcedureParams Table
Functions Table
FunctionPrivileges Table
FunctionParams Table
Dependencies Table
SchemaObjects Table
SchemaDifference Table

The metadata that these tables are based upon is stored in the catalog file (EDBDatabase.EDBCat, by default) located in the database folder where the database was created. See the CREATE DATABASE statement for more information on creating a database.

SQL 2003 Standard Deviations
The following areas are where ElevateDB deviates from the SQL 2003 standard:

Extended ObjectsIndexes are an ElevateDB extension, and these objects are not defined in the SQL 2003 standard.