Updates one or more rows in a table.

UPDATE <TableName>
SET <ColumnName> = <Value> [,<ColumnName> = <Value>])
[WHERE <FilterCondition>]

Use this statement to update one or more rows in a table. The SET clause is used to specify which columns you want to update and the values to assign to the columns. Each value can be any valid SQL expression.

WHERE Clause

Use the WHERE clause to limit the rows that are updated to those that satisfy a boolean SQL expression.

-- This UPDATE statement updates
-- the customer with the customer # of
-- 8354 and sets their LastOrdered column
-- to today

UPDATE Customers
WHERE CustNo = 8354

-- This UPDATE statement updates all of
-- the rows in the Customers table and sets
-- their SentMailer column to False

UPDATE Customers
SET SentMailer = FALSE

Required Privileges
The current user must be granted the UPDATE and SELECT privileges on the target table. Please see the User Security topic for more information.

SQL 2003 Standard Deviations
This statement deviates from the SQL 2003 standard in the following ways:

Positioned UpdatesElevateDB does not support positioned updates. Instead ElevateDB supports using a cursor-based UPDATE statement directly on the current position of a cursor.