Icon Native Database Modules

Native database modules are just like any other native server module, but are coded to handle database access API requests using the TEWBDatabaseAdapter and TEWBDataSetAdapter components. Specifically, any incoming request can be passed directly to the TEWBDatabaseAdapter HandleRequest method and the database adapter component will completely handle the database request, calling the applicable TEWBDatabaseAdapter and TEWBDataSetAdapter methods and events as necessary to complete the request and send back a response.

Information If you use a native server module for servicing database access requests, you will need to make sure to change the active TServerSession instance's DatabasesResource property so that it refers to the native server module instead of the standard database access API resource path. The active TServerSession instance is available via the TDatabase ActiveServerSession property.

Please see the Web Server Database Access topic in the Using the Web Server section in the Elevate Web Builder manual for more information on the database access API.

Database Module Example
The Elevate Web Builder Modules installation includes an example project that shows how to use a database module to accept row inserts from a contact form application that uses the standard TDatabase and TDataSet components for client browser applications. This project is installed into the \examples\contactform subdirectory under the main installation directory of the Elevate Web Builder Modules installation. Please see the comments in the project source for more information on how the module handles incoming database access requests.