Icon TIndexCompression

Unit: dbisamtb

TIndexCompression = (icNone,icDuplicateByte,icTrailingByte,

This type is used to specify the type of compression used for an index in the TDBISAMIndexDef Compression property. Please see the Index Compression topic for more information.

icDuplicateByteIndicates that the compression is duplicate-byte compression. Duplicate-byte compression works by removing all duplicate bytes from adjacent index keys in an index.
icFullIndicates that the compression is both duplicate-byte and trailing-byte compression (or full compression).
icNoneIndicates that there is no compression.
icTrailingByteIndicates that the compression is trailing-byte compression. Trailing-byte compression works by removing all trailing spaces and NULLs from the index keys in an index, and is most useful with string fields.