Icon TMouseMoveEvent

Unit: WebCtrls

TMouseMoveEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; ShiftKey, CtrlKey,
      AltKey: Boolean; X,Y: Integer) of object

Available In: Client and Server Applications

The TMouseMoveEvent type is a common event type that is used by controls to provide notification that the mouse pointer is being moved over the control.

The Sender parameter represents the class instance that triggered the event. The ShiftKey, CtrlKey, AltKey parameters represent whether the Shift, Control, and/or Alt keys were also pressed. The X and Y parameters indicate the horizontal and vertical position of the mouse pointer, in pixels, relative to the bounds of the control that triggered the event.

The ordinal mouse button values are defined in the WebUI unit, and are as follows:

MB_NONE = 0;
MB_LEFT = 1;